The Holidays

Breakfast nook with Christmas garland over the bay windows.

I think everyone can agree that the month of December is always a busy one. But that one week in between Christmas and New Years where you have zero obligations? That week is gold! And so, with this sacred week upon us, I finally had the time to take a few pictures of our new […]

Boys Christmas bedroom showing a 6.5 foot tree at the foot of his bed.

Easton’s bedroom truly is magical during the month of December. I find myself coming to sit on his bed and chat more during the evenings when his Christmas tree is all lit up. He has the bigger of the two children’s bedrooms and therefore I was able to put a 6.5 ft Christmas tree in […]

Girls twin bed decorated for Christmas with paper doilies snowflakes hanging above.

If you’ve seen Amelia’s bedroom before, you know she has the smallest room in our house. I don’t let that stop me when decorating it for Christmas though (small things can still pack a mighty punch!).  Come take a peek around her room decorated for Christmas – I promise it won’t take long! 😜 Since […]

Dining room table decorated with paper Christmas trees showing the family Christmas tree in the distant room.

This is probably the most I’ve ever decorated our home for Christmas thanks to a Tour of Homes I participated in as part of the Officer Spouses Club here on Camp Lejeune. Our home was fully decked out in lights and tinsel by the first weekend in December! It was a lot of work, but […]

boys Christmas bedroom decor

  I usually go all out for Christmas in our home and the kids’ bedrooms are a top favorite of mine to decorate. My dad used to put Christmas lights around the ceiling perimeter in our rooms and it clearly left a lasting impression. I had big plans to put another live tree in Easton’s […]

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