Décor Diaries: Easton’s Nursery

June 20, 2013


  1. Renee says:

    Hi Sarah!!!
    I love the wall you did in Easton’s nursery. So versatile. I may just have to steal the idea for one of my walls! 🙂
    Safe travels to CA. I know you are already missed here.
    Renee Z.

    • elil72 says:

      Thanks, Renee! Steal away! Although, they do make stencils for things like that which I’m sure would be much easier! Good luck!

  2. Even I have a lot of good memories in this room! I am sad you had to leave behind that beautifully painted wall….sigh. Hopefully the next tenants can enjoy it?

    • elil72 says:

      Hopefully so. Logan said he was definitely not doing the wall mural again! Guess we need to come up with some new ideas for his next room!

  3. Susie R. says:

    I love this room. That mirror is pretty cool, and I can’t believe you made it! Great inspiration for future moms!

  4. Kati Boswell says:

    I absolutely loved Easton’s nursery! It looked like it was straight out if a magazine, you guys did such a wonderful job. I wish I would have out that much effort into Charli’s room 🙂

    • elil72 says:

      Thanks, Kati! I was so sad to leave it. Hoping to do something just as awesome in his next room!

  5. Kati boswell says:

    By the way how did you make the mirror? I see myself wanting to make one in white in the future!

    • elil72 says:

      That is so funny that you should ask, Kati! I am working on a post right now showing how I made it!

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